A peaceful home for a peaceful world. ™

About Us

“All sickness is homesickness.” Dianne M. Connelly, PhD, LAc.

Homecoming, noun. an instance of returning home.

Homecalming, verb. returning to oneself.

Too often we feel that we have to choose between convenience and conscious living. Homecalming was born with the simple belief that if we cannot create peace at home, we cannot create peace in the world. 

As we lead increasingly busy and demanding lives in a society full of stimulation and uncertainty, it's easy to feel like we just don’t have the time or resources to truly be at home: in our bodies, our minds, and our living spaces.

Like Wayne Dyer says, we become human “doings” rather human “beings.”

At Homecalming, our mission is to help you create a life in which you can truly just be at home, and at peace in the world.